How to manage prices in nopCommerce

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What are tier prices?

Tier prices are a promotional tool in each nopCommerce store. It allows you to offer special prices when your customers buy bigger quantities of a particular product. It's mostly used in wholesales, but it can be also used by retailers, who are able to apply it to motivate buyers and increase their sales. 

How to configure tier prices in nopCommerce?

It's very simple process, you are able to create tier prices on a particular product. To add tier prices, you need to go Catalog -> Products -> select a product you want to add a tier price to and click Edit. Scroll down to the Tier prices section, note that in the Basic view, Tier prices section is hidden. You need to open Advanced view or add Tier prices section to custom view. To add new tier price, click the Add new tier price button.

Add new tier prices

You will see following screen:

Add new tier price window

The most important and required fields are Quantity and Price

Additional fields that can be used in tier price configuration:

- Store - you can decide in which store tier price should appear

- Customer Role - it will be described in the next chapter

- Start/End Date - tier prices can be time limited, you can specify in which days they should be applicable.

Configure few options, in my case I configured 4 tier prices. Presented on the screen below:

Configured tier prices

After that you will see following table on the public store:

Public store - tier prices

How to manage prices in B2B in nopCommerce?

Tier prices can be successfully used to specify price for particular groups of customers. It can be easily implemented in B2B stores. You can combine the Customer Role feature with Tier Prices and limit prices to specified groups. In example you can create a customer role B2B. 

To use that scenario, we need to have at least 2 public customer roles, i.e Registred for each customer and B2B for only few customers. Then we have to modify created tier prices a little. Look at the screen below, we have to add new tier prices for created customer role - B2B. in my case it looks like that:

B2B Tier prices 

How to bulk edit prices in nopCommerce? 

If you have large database of products it will be hard to manage all prices. We created a tool which will help you in the updating process. 

Update price - price manager

With our Price Manager plugin you can update prices in few ways. First of all, you can import prices from Excel file.

It's simple XLS with ID, SKU, Name and prices. You can easily set prices on products, then import it from "Export/Import" tab in our plugin, without updating another fields on product. 

Second way is to use the form, presented above. You can adjust prices by percentage, by amount. It will update all prices in the store. In the other case, you will have to edit each product price manually. It's possible also to set fixed price for each product. 

Restore points are important feature of Price Manager. Mistakes are common, sometimes you will modify something accidentally. With help comes the restore points, if you saved restore points before changes, what's important, you can restore the all prices in the store, to the previous state. 

More details about this plugin can be found on our docs page here:

What's important? To the end of the March you are able to purchase it with 20% discount, just use the SPRING2019 code in the shopping cart.

Please check our Price Manager and handle Price management in nopCommerce easily:

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