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This plugin allows you to add HTML code in one of the 95 predefined widget zones or you may use it in your custom Widget Zone.
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nopcommerce 4.00
QuickHTML Widget - nopCommerce 4.00
nopcommerce 4.10
QuickHTML Widget - nopCommerce 4.10
nopcommerce 4.20
QuickHTML Widget - nopCommerce 4.20

This plugin allows you to add HTML code in one of the 95 predefined widget zones or you may use it in your custom Widget Zone.

Better flexibility
Personalized customization
Free support during first 3 months

Put the HTML code anywhere you want in your store. Add unlimited number of static blocks to your store.

Customizable content

Use the TinyMCE editor and customize the whole content that you want to have in your store. It's very easy also for beginners because it's a "What you see is what you get" editor, so the whole custom block will look the same as the one provided inside the admin panel.

Create time limited blocks

You can control the visibility of custom blocks with "Schedule widget" tab. Just specify the Start and End date and you will be visible in provided period of time.

Unlimited custom blocks

Create as many blocks as you want. Banners, pictures, notifications, announcements, contact fields and use them whenever you want.

Fully customizable with CSS and JavaScript

Use the CSS styles, classes and rules and customize your popups to match them with your store design. You can create styles in external file and just use the CSS classes to improve the performance of nopCommerce. You can also use the Script tab and provide the JavaScript code for your custom block.

How nopCommerce plugin – Quick HTML will help your customers?

  1. 1. Create unlimited Static Blocks
  2. 2. Use WYSIWYG to create Custom HTML, text and multi-media blocks
  3. 3. Over 30 built-in widget zones to display block anywhere on product, category, cart & other pages
  4. 4. Create custom design templates for Static block using custom HTML & CSS
  5. 5. Show block to all or specific customer groups
  6. 6. Create Multiple Static Blocks & Display on Different Products, Categories & CMS pages
  7. 6. Multi store supported

Still not convinced?

Our demo store is on duty! Login to the admin panel of demo store and check how the Quick HTML - nopCommerce plugin, really works! Please visit our documentation page, you will find there necessary information and first steps in the Quick HTML plugin.

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